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Google won't fix Real-time data in Google Analytics. It's time to ditch it.

We've built Realtime.li because Google Analytics is broken. Since 6th April 2022 the real-time data in Universal Analytics is very inaccurate. All numbers jump up and down and mostly they are just way too low. "There's no other tracker out of UA for this: we are sailing blind", someone said in Google's Issue Tracker.

It seems Google has no intention to fix this bug. GA4 is coming, Universal Analytics will be shut down anyway in 2023. If you're already had a look at the real-time features in GA4, you will notice some lack of data. It's dissapointing.

We have been working with Google API's for over a decade. If there is a problem with the API's, you can't talk to a real person at Google to ask what's going on or when they will fix it. You just wait. That's why our goal is to create a new real-time analytics service which is fast, minimalistic and comes with great support.


Like to see a live demo? Likeometer.co is currently using our tracker:

Please note: We're working currently on our demo dashboard. The design and some features can change from time to time.


Realtime.li started a few weeks ago. We're onboarding a few selected clients every day to scale wisely. If you're interested in using our service, please click here:

About us

HEYBEN is a Indie Software Studio from Berlin. We made already Likeometer and Sendfeed. Because we're bootstrapped and don't take money from Investors, our main goal are happy customers. You can always have a chat with us per email!